Brazilian Coin


Metal Object

The Coins are valuables made by metal used in a society. when the man met the metal, he used it for make utensils and weapons, by presenting advantages, the metal was elected as the main default value, he was used as money in his natural shape and bars shape, and in objects shapes like rings and bracelets. later, the metal had defined shape and specific weight, receiving the mark value. the metal utensils turned into merchandise, the production required casting techniques, places where the metal would be found, not everyone would have this job, some copper and bronze coins with special shape circulated in Greece and Cyprus' territory. In seventh century, b.C. the first coins with the same shapes from the current coins are created with print of official seal, silver coins are made in Greece , the old coins are very different from the current coins, because they were made manually and they have irregular sides, and sizes. today the coins are in perfect sizes and has perfect side, and they are similar one to another, some coins are made with Gold, silver, bronze and copper.

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Cent is the main name for a coin, the americans and the brazilians use this name for the coins, these are Brazilian and American coins, The Brazilian coins has Cabral, Tiradentes, Dom Pedro I, Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, Barão do rio branco and the Republic statue overleaf. In the American coins, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, John F. Kennedy and Sacagawea overleaf, The one penny coin is rarely used In Brazil, and the old ballot of 1 Real is out of circulation In Brazil, now the coin of 1 Real is most used.

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