Hi, every wikia has a rule page. including this, because rules are very important to well behaved users to follow, and bad behaved users learn. so, this wikia did not work with strikes, so if you get into trouble. you will never be allowed here, this word is not used for well behaved users. so there's the rules:

Main Rules

  • Don't swear or say vulgar words (even abbreviated)
  • No spamming.
  • No vandalism.
  • Don't create spam pages.
  • Don't multiplice accounts to get around a block.
  • No dissing anyone (Including yourself).
  • No "mature references" for want of a better word.
  • Only well behaved users are allowed here.
  • Users on the black list will not be allowed here.
  • Respect everyone, especially The Founder, and the wikia helpers, who have the authority to block anyone who gets out of line.

Wikia Rules

  • This wikia involves metal machines (engines,cars,trucks,tugs and foundry equipment), we do not allow things without involvement of those cited examples.
  • Users on the black list can't return to this wikia.
  • we don't use strikes, so be well behaved.
  • all blocks are infinite
  • Wikia Helpers and well behaved users receive more respect than the users on the black list.
  • This wikia works with Thomas and friends, Chuggington and Tugs for example.


  • Only Thomas, Chuggington, Tugs and machine's photos are allowed.
  • Don't change a file for another image.
  • Don't upload a blurry or edited pics.
  • When you upload images, do not leave spaces between the words.

Black List

This list is for users who have been permanently blocked from the wikia. this means, they are the shame of the wikia and are not allowed here forever.