The Smelter's Diesel


Smelter's Yard Rail Vehicle

Used In

Smelter's Yard, Railways


Crewe, Darligton, Derby, Doncaster or Horwich Works

The Smelter's Diesels is an Railway vehicle used in Smelter's Yards and foundries, If a foundry is operated next to a railway line, the railway manager has the option to give work for the engines there, 'Arry and Bert are two fiction diesels who work at The Railway Iroworks at the Smelter's Yard. also, many Diesels work at Smelter's Yard when 'Arry and Bert are away, like Diesel, Norman, Paxton, Sidney and Diesel 10, Diesel's job is collect a train of scrap to take to the Smelter's Yard. Diesel 10 is a big and large diesel who have a claw on the top, this claw take old engine parts and scrap to the freight cars, also his claw can remove things from the tracks, Norman, Paxton and Sidney shunt freight cars at the Smelter's Yard, and the Diesels are useful for the Smelter's Yard, because they can work there.

The 0-6-0 Diesels were built at Crewe, Darligton, Derby, Doncaster or Horwich works, While Norman was built at Ashford Works, Diesel 10 was built at BR Swindon Works.

The Smelter's Diesels